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​Everything we do, we do with a network of amazing people. We work with different communities across the country to create new and inspiring work. Giving the next generation of young musicians a chance to perform at a professional standard with established musicians, we create a vibrant network for artists as we continue to tell stories. Your support can make a difference!

NMB 2022 Martin Green-7444 - PRS Foundation and Southbank Centre’s New Music Biennial phot

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This year, we’ve been developing KELI: an important story about how a young woman from a post-industrial, ex-mining community uses creativity to confront her own struggles. This has been inspired by our research for the BBC Radio 4 Series: Love, Spit and Valve Oil. We interviewed ex-miners who had been unfairly prosecuted for standing up for their communities, people who found a safe space through brass banding, and the support it provided them with.


Next year, we will take KELI further by turning it into a full live show — we’ll work with more young people, musicians, and creatives to provide learning, skills development, and performance opportunities. Your contribution will be vital in this process — join the band by supporting us!

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