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"And in the middle of it there is music. There is always music."

Lepus is a buzzing hive of the exciting and excitable people that inspire us.


To the excitable, excitement comes easily - making things happen is harder. To this end, the infra-structure is vital, and requires the same level of creative thinking from producers as it does from the artists we are lucky enough to work with. 


Lepus serves as that infra-structure, finding ways to harness these brilliant people into finished projects - many of you which can learn about on this site. In 2016 we dreamt up an ambitious stage show called Flit. Flit told stories of migration through animation and music. The scale was such that it needed a framework, a network of creative people behind it, on and off the stage. 


Now, a few years and many projects later, our little team has grown. The extraordinary energy of the artistic individuals we find fuels us as we search for ways to make, often unfeasible sounding ideas, into realities.


There are actors, directors, dancers, writers, singers, filmmakers, technicians, orchestrators, producers, and many more in our wonderful network now, and it grows with every project.


And in the middle of it there is music. There is always music.


Martin Green – Artistic Director, Lepus Arts

For enquiries, live bookings and more info, get in touch with Lepus

Martin Green - Artistic Director

Martin Atkinson - Executive Producer - Email

Mikaela Atkins-Blake - Assistant Producer - Email

Jon Calvert - Digital Associate

Or just get in touch us with us at

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