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Split the Air Live
Commemorating 40 years since the miners' strike, Martin Green takes the stage with different brass bands from all over the UK to perform his boundary pushing album.
Listen to Split the Air here

Described as "profundly moving" Split the Air has received critical acclaim, look out for future touring dates.

Photograph: Sandy Butler

Musician Martin Green explores the phenomenon that is modern brass banding. After following a poster at the National Mining Museum Scotland that said “brass in the park, this Saturday,” Martin discovered one of the most inspiring social music-making acts he’d ever witnessed.


But, the mines are dead? Well, the music and the people most definitely are not.


Receiving 5 star reviews and critical acclaim, Split the Air is the live performance of Martin Green's album of the same name - with some stroytelling interwoven through the piece from the people and communities who inspired it most.

You can read an article Martin wrote for the Guardian just here or below.



The Scotsman

"Devastation, anger, pride, and a great sense of belonging and collective purpose percolate through the narrative..."

"It is undeniably moving"

Simon Godley, Godisinthetv

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