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Split the Air Album
The new album by Martin Green features The Lepus Brass Band, an ensemble of the most talented and exciting brass players from all over the UK
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Split the Air is the new album of brass music with electronics, marking the 40th anniversary of the Miners' Strikes. In 2024, Martin Green will tour this album to different parts of the UK, working with brilliant brass bands all over the country to mark 40 years since the miners' strike. You can support this tour by being the first to listen to the album or ordering a CD before its official release in February 2024.

It's the first album to be released by Lepus Records - a label dedicated to pioneering new music.

Written and composed by Martin Green

Orchestration by Benjamin Woodgates 

Lepus Arts Band are: Mark Harrison Soprano Cornet, Tom Smith Principal Cornet, Thomas Fountain Solo Cornet, Ian Culcross Solo Cornet, Stephen Murphy Solo Cornet, Kirsty Abbotts Repiano Cornet, Alicia Davis 2nd Cornet, Laura Conway 2nd Cornet, Niall Mulvoy 3rd Cornet, Hayley Moore 3rd Cornet, Dave Moore Flugal, Sheona White Solo Tenor Horn, Siobhan Bates 1st Tenor Horn, Emma Conway 2nd Tenor Horn, Gary Curtin Solo Euphonium, Dave Thornton 2nd Euphonium, Amy Ewen Solo Baritone, Ben Smith 2nd Baritone, Tom Berry Solo Trombone, Ellena Newton 2nd Trombone, Alex Kelly Bass Trombone, Harry Cunningham Solo E-flat Bass, Andy Mallon E-flat Bass, Stuart Beard Solo B-flat Bass, Matt Wade B-flat Bass

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